Friday, April 27, 2007

step back cuz i'm a jet black ninja

conventional thought tells us that if you flip a coin, 50% of the time it will come up heads and 50% of the time it will come up tails. i have recently hired Dr. Charles Epps to investigate this statement. turns out that 53% of the time it will come up heads, and only 47% of the time it will be tails. you can confirm this by watching that show Numbers. or eating goat cheese.

i just got a phone call. turns out that i didn't get tickets for jeopardy. oh well. i liked alex trebek better when he had a moustache. he seems quite pompous without it. little known fact: his dad was a fireman who was killed by smoky the bear as part of a twisted love triangle.

here is a t-shirt design i did for a very sick little girl named ava awhile back. it is getting ready to be released thru the company 70 star 7
here is their website:
check them out when you get a chance. they are an awesome company and donate a lot of money to a lot of great causes.
to read more about ava, check out her website
unfortunately she passed away last week. she was 3.5 years old

i am not sure on the release date of the shirts yet. a good friend of mine from Brazil, Henry, has the honors of the first shirt in the run. it is up and available for purchase now. for my design, we are going to do a larger run(from the standard 70) to try and get more money for ava's charity. keep your eyes peeled as my shirts will eventually be available. of course, i will keep you posted.

here are 2 pictures. one is my original design(so you can see it clearly) and the other is the design printed up on the shirt(a mock up). make sure to click on the picture so it opens up nice and big in a new window. please excuse the pixelation on the design. i promise it is much clearer in person, i just didnt want to post a hi-res image on here.

i hope you enjoy it. $15 of every shirt that is sold goes to the wish for ava charity.

ok...i am done with the serious shit for now. i should go back to work. i will have more artwork to show off sometime soon. i am scheduled to be involved in a couple of different artshows over the next few months. i have a few interviews i have to do(that i am 98% sure i won't take seriously and will end up babbling about glo-worms and tibetan monkeys). i also should have an advertisement for "el maz" coming out in clutter magazine. although, for the life of me, i am not entirely sure why i bought advertising space or what the hell i am advertising. my 8-bit piece is still available. you should buy it. for it will give you protection against bridge trolls. bridge trolls have been known to eat your eyelids. i can not be held accountable for your inactions or your future inability to blink.

always remember, 4 out of 5 dentists recommend El Maz,

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