Sunday, March 25, 2007

sunday morning coming down

so, i have been working hard on my 8-bit piece. i am working harder than those old people you see "jogging" in pools. they piss me off. if you try to swim around them, you usually get kicked with their nasty old crusty feet or their deadly sharp toe-nails. i know a guy who knows a guy who caught dysentary from a toe-nail cut. he is alive, but skinny.

i have some sneaky peeks for you guys of my upcoming piece in 8-bit. to be honest, i have no idea if i am supposed to show anything or not. so here are 3 little teasers. one is a picture of the painting and 2 are sketchbook segments.

"clean sweep" is a cool show. i enjoy living in a country where people accumulate so much shit that "professionals" have to come into their homes and assist them in throwing away previously mentioned shit. "what not to wear" is also quite entertaining. the sad thing is, i usually prefer how the people look before they were put thru the turd-polisher. god bless america.

listen to some ghostface killah,

Monday, March 19, 2007

excited for 8-bit (and the end of the world)

i am at work. i am supposed to be working. but i don't really want to. so i am not. simple as that. but don't tell them. or else i will get fired. and then you will see me at the freeway exits. or maybe on-ramps. begging for spare change. or selling mangos. maybe bottles of water. and if you didn't give me any money that would be okay. i would have a secret bag of slightly rotting mangos laying around. and i would throw them at your windshield. and if your window was down i would throw them at you. maybe. depends.

so, after months of pestering this company in Germany, i finally received my copy of "Dot Dot Dash". one of my gwins is featured in there. i can't recall the page that i am on right now. i also can't recall the name of the German company, so i am going to officially re-name them Der Fittzschnozzle. i have to say that it is a pretty good overall book, showcasing a lot of the "urban vinyl" figures that have been released over the past couple of years. definitely awesome to be a part of such a cool book. it's a nice thick hard cover book. i use it as a booster seat when i drive. it makes me look taller. i hear that tall guys are afraid of midgets.

i had the pleasure of being a part of the Tempt One benefit show in Culver City on March 10, 2007. URB magazine was the sponsor, and it was very well put together. scroll down to see the 2 pieces i had in the show(from my previous entry). when i dropped off the artwork at URB's office down on Wilshire, the elevator had a flat screen TV in it showing entertainment news and stock quotes. i rode the elevator for about 14 minutes watching TV. did you know that Nicole Ritchie was clinically dead for 28 minutes, but Paris Hilton sprinkled magical STD dust on her and she immediately came back to life? me neither, but that is what the mystical flat screen tv elevator told me. i believe everything i see on elevator TV's. they aren't allowed to lie. the FCC says so.

finished up a comission canvas for a gentleman in Italy a few weeks ago. it is 11" x 14", acrylic on canvas. i like how it turned out. the title of it is "The Great Race, Part 1". everyone wants to know if this is the first in a long series of race canvases. of course it is. unless i decide it isn't.

i am currently working on a few things. a t-shirt design for ava. more graff work for rockstar games. and best of all, i am in the middle of painting my submission for the "I am 8-bit" show. i think it is shaping up to be my best work so far. it will be 13" x 17" on wood panel. and it will be framed. no sneak peeks yet, i have only roughed in the design with fingerpaints so far.

oh, good news! i started taking some pills i ordered from canada. i am currently growing new tentacles. right now i have 15, but i need a few more. you should see me juggle. the only side effects so far have been muscle weakness. and short-term memory loss. and anal leakage. oh, and everything tastes like grape kool-aid. always keep an eye on the canadians. they are too quiet. i am sure they are up to something sneaky. also keep an eye on erections that last for longer than 4 hours.

thanks for tuning in. have some grapefruit.