Friday, May 25, 2007

over halfway there

after hours and hours and hours of listening to my ipod on random/shuffle, i am very happy to announce that i have broken the halfway point of songs. i am currently on song 2697 out of 5077. at this pace, i should reach the last song some time in 2019.

onto the fun stuff. i am more-or-less finished with my painting for the upcoming Cereal Killers show on June 9th at Monkeyhouse Toys. here is the flier:

Holy shit, my name is on another flyer! My painting for this show is 8" x 16", acrylic on wood panel. it will be framed and will look all nicey-nice. the painting is my interpretation of Toucan Sam and the Trix Rabbit. in my opinion, this piece represents some of my strongest work so far. once i get it varnished and get some good photos, i will post them up for you guys. it will also be available to purchase through the gallery for anyone who is interested in owning a sliver of my soul.

my shirt for ava should be coming out sometime soon through 70*7. i don't know the exact date, so keep an eye out. in order to help boost the sales, i am thinking of doing a raffle from all the people who purchase one of my shirts(and are interested in entering the drawing). the winner would receive a pen and ink drawing by me. it depends on how much time i have, but right now this very minute it sounds like a good idea. don't quote me on it yet.

this summer is shaping up to be busy. i will be part of a smaller group show at gallery 1988 in SF at the end of June. i will be doing 4 or 5 affordably priced pen and ink drawings (each will be 9" x 12" or so) for this show. then, SDCC in July. then Vegas in August. i have been getting a few inquiries about Comic Con. as far as i know, i will be there (barring any unforeseen circumstances) wednesday through saturday. at this time, i do not have any scheduled signing times with any specific companies. if you are a company and you are interested in having me stop by and sign or sketch at your booth, just drop me an email and we can set up a specific time and date. and if you are not a company, but you want me to sign or sketch for you, just feel free to come up, introduce yourself to me, and ask for a sketch. it should be good times this year, all of the other years have been a blast.

ok, i think that is all for now. i have to take my dog to the vet in a few minutes. he is being evaluated for gender reassignment surgery. it's expensive, but he feels like it will make him have a happier and fuller life.

don't let MADD stop your good times,

Friday, May 4, 2007

Vinyl Toy Network this Sunday

good afternoon my fellow janitors and janitettes. just wanted to stop by and inform you that i will be making an appearance at the Vinyl Toy Network this Sunday, May 6th. check out the flier.

looks awesome, huh? look closely, you will see my name on there. super stoked about that. the best i usually get on fliers is a mention of "and other artists"( which includes me and like 12,000 other people).

to anyone who cares, i will be arriving around 11 or 11:30 in the morning. i will be hanging out and signing/drawing for people for a couple of hours. unfortunately i can't make it an all day thing, cuz i gots work to do, son. i have a bunch of upcoming projects that i need to sit down and work out some ideas for. so, i figure, what better place to do it than in your sketchbooks, right? i will be bringing a pencil and an eraser. and maybe a pencil sharpener. maybe one or two pens for quick vinyl signatures. and possibly a crayon. and a mascara brush. so if you're down with pencil drawings from me, then hop in line and be prepared for a small wait (i tend to take my time and work somewhat slowly). also, be prepared for me to take pictures of what i drew in your book, so i can remember it later on when i try to re-draw it for a project. and feel free to bring me fortune cookies to snack on, so i can keep up my energy.

you can read more about the show here:

i was eating pizza while typing this entry and i got grease all over the keyboard. man...they are gonna be pissed when they see this. i am gonna have to switch keyboards with my co-worker and blame her for it. anyways, see you sunday for those who can make it.

Paz de Maz