Tuesday, April 17, 2007

sixteen versus eight

good morning doorknobs and douchebags. and to all of my hacidic friends, good morning hebrews and shebrews.

i come here today to unveil my piece for the "I am 8-bit" show that opens tonight at Gallery 1988 on Melrose. the piece is titled "sixteen versus eight". it is a 13" x 17" acrylic painting on wood panel. it also has a custom frame, which brings the overall measurement close to 16" x 20". frame is not shown in this picture. the black outline is just my awesome illustrator skills that i learned from a guy named Pablo. and a lady named Lindsay.

please make sure to click on the picture so it will open up nice and big for you. the image is quite large, so remember to expand the picture even more to get more juicy goodness.

if for some reason the picture won't open up in a separate window, try this link:

inspirations: duck hunt, earthworm jim, super mario bros 1 and 2, tetris.

this will be available for purchase today. probably right now. or in a few minutes. or tonight. or tomorrow. buy it. so i can get a prosthetic arm. with one of those creepy metal pincher things on it. then i would go around and force people to shake my cold metal fingers when i meet them. and people would have to. because if they didn't they would look like assholes. the kind of assholes who are afraid of people with disabilities. and harelips.

never trust a man named todd,


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