Friday, April 20, 2007

8-bit hangover

so, the opening of the 8-bit show was tuesday night. word on the street is there were 1400 people in attendance that evening. if you ask me and my masters engineering degree in people counting, it felt more like 1538. i am attempting to perfect the art of crowd snorkeling and will keep you posted on my advances in that field. the temperature inside was 156.9 degrees fahrenheit. don't ask me what the celsius measurement was, because i don't live in europe and if i did i would wear a beret and grow a goatee and sip capuccino between the hours of 9 am and 11 am. the temperature outside of the show was a very snuggly 14 degrees, and the wind was a mild 370 miles per hour. behind the back lot, there was a large group of people betting on tumbleweed races. i won 12 bucks on "stickles". he just looked like he was built for speed. sadly, during his victory lap he was run over by a cadillac escalade driven by the ghost of ODB. R.I.P. Mr. Stickles, you magnificent flat bastard.

so, where to start? the show was obviously a huge success. the level of work in this show is insane. the show will be running until May 12th, so if you get a chance i highly recommend you head down there and check out the fantastic work in person. i also recommend that you eat at La Brea Bakery and have dessert at Pinkberry. i don't recommend that you shop at Cantoni's, because you will be pissed that you can't afford a 10,000 dollar couch. IF you do decide to check out the show in person, there are two things you will need to bring with you. first, you need diapers, because just glancing at these beauties will make you shit your pants. your bowels will turn to liquid ooze and your ass will explode like a sickly poodle with dysentary. second, you will need one of those crazy shadow boxes with a tiny pinhole in it used by 8 year olds to watch solar eclipses. you can not stare at the sheer magnificence of this show without this viewing device. you will blind yourself, and your eyeballs will most likely partially melt and then fall out. you have been warned. we are not liable for your actions.

if you can not make it down to the show in person, i recommend you check out pictures on gallery 1988's website of available pieces to purchase here:
you can also email the gallery at to check the availability of any pieces you are interested in buying. my painting is currently available for purchase(scroll down to my previous post from 4.17.07 to see my painting for this show). if you buy it, then i can buy a pony. and a daniel boone hat.

i ran into quite a few people at the show. i was finally lucky enough to meet Roland Tamayo who is a serious up-and-coming artist. his intricate work on backgrounds and layouts is fucking nuts. i also got to meet Paul Chatem who had a killer piece called "pac it in". this dude's characters are ridiculously sick. chatted it up with Steven Daily for a bit until i lost him somewhere in the crowd. i was stoked to have my piece hanging right above his in the show. spent some time chatting with my good buddy Craola and his wife Jenn. always nice to catch up with them. they are probably the nicest two people i have ever met. ran into Joe Ledbetter out back who paid me some serious compliments on my piece. fuckin blew me away! an artist i have respected for quite some time offering his respect to me and my work. way cool stuff.

there were plenty of cameras and interviews going on inside the show. G4, MTV, coin op tv, vinyl pulse, and i believe a few others were all there. i was interviewed by a couple of them. i am sure i sounded like a complete retard due to my inability to hear myself think and my extreme A.D.D. i was having a good time changing my name every time i was interviewed. on tuesday my "real name" was Jiminy McDean, Joseph Schulmann, and Gregory Vance. be on the lookout for those 3 guys. one of them owes me 20 bucks.

the first video(done by Vinyl Pulse and Ace Carrero) is up on you tube here:
the video features me looking very cool in my stolen wheelchair. sometimes you gotta rough up those paraplegics so they know their place. i didn't want to do it, but it had to be done. he was just too smug.

further coverage of the show is available at these places:
good article at the los angeles times:,0,1427190.story?coll=cl-home-more-channels


this dude has a cool slide show of the artwork:

ok, i have rambled long enough. always remember to respect potty time. congratulations to jensen, katie, and jon on a great 8-bit show.

with all my love,
Joseph Schulmann

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