Friday, June 1, 2007

Corporate Acquisition

well, my painting for the upcoming Cereal Killers show is completed. i just picked it up from the framers and dropped it off at Monkeyhouse Toys last night. this is shaping up to be quite a good show. as promised, here are some pictures of it. please make sure to click on the pictures so they open up nice and clear and in their correct sizes.
and here are some individual, close up pictures of the different characters, etc.

the title is "Corporate Acquisition". the picture measures 8" x 16" (that was before the frame was put on there, it is somewhere close to 10"X18" with the frame on). it was painted on wood panel using acrylic paints. the painting features my twist on toucan sam (Fruit Loops) as well as the remnants of the trix rabbit (Trix). i have been asked why the rabbit has a handlebar moustache? because he is dapper, that is why. and why does the toucan have the body of a snake? too much sugar clearly fucks your body up, that is why.

the price of this piece is $700. if you have any interest in owning this painting, contact Mayra at Monkeyhouse Toys. her email is

opening night of the show is June 9th from 4 to 8pm down in Silverlake. if you are in the area, i highly recommend dropping by. i will be there hanging out and wearing a Phil Specter wig.

other things of interest: make sure to befriend me on myspace so i can try and sell you porn. here is my link: i am currently attempting to cyber-collect as many midgets as possible. little people? dwarves? what do they want to be called? so far i have only been successful with one or two of them. i think their keen eyesight alerts them that i am not truly 2'9". i am also awaiting approval to be admitted into the LPA myspace group. keep your fingers crossed for me!

keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times,