Sunday, March 25, 2007

sunday morning coming down

so, i have been working hard on my 8-bit piece. i am working harder than those old people you see "jogging" in pools. they piss me off. if you try to swim around them, you usually get kicked with their nasty old crusty feet or their deadly sharp toe-nails. i know a guy who knows a guy who caught dysentary from a toe-nail cut. he is alive, but skinny.

i have some sneaky peeks for you guys of my upcoming piece in 8-bit. to be honest, i have no idea if i am supposed to show anything or not. so here are 3 little teasers. one is a picture of the painting and 2 are sketchbook segments.

"clean sweep" is a cool show. i enjoy living in a country where people accumulate so much shit that "professionals" have to come into their homes and assist them in throwing away previously mentioned shit. "what not to wear" is also quite entertaining. the sad thing is, i usually prefer how the people look before they were put thru the turd-polisher. god bless america.

listen to some ghostface killah,

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