Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Space and Video Games

Greetings from my space. So I am way behind the curve on this one, everyone's been nagging me to set up a myspace account, telling me how awesome it is. Well, I finally checked it out, I don't see what all the fuss is about. Seems like a pretty low quality program to me. I went ahead and set up a myspace page at to use for networking, advertising, staying in contact with people, etc. Check it out when you get a chance(if you are interested). Be my friend, I only have one friend right now, it's this pervert named Tom. He looks creepy, and he has already propositioned me for sex.

As for work related news, I just wrapped up a project I have been doing with Rockstar Games. Their website is I did some background graffiti art work for an upcoming game. I wish i could tell you about the game and when it is coming out, but i can't. You have to be a super secret level 9 ninja to obtain this confidential information, and sadly i am only a level 8 ninja. I can't wait to see what my graff looks like in a video game. I did 5 total pieces for the game, here are my 2 most favorite ones:

As for other work, I am wrapping up a comission canvas that I think is turning out great. I am also getting some work ready for the upcoming "I am 8 bit" art show in April at Gallery 1988 on Melrose ( ). Super stoked to be a part of this one, will definitely be devoting a few hours to brushing up on my old NES games.
Well, that's all for now. I should go paint, but the outside world looks nice today.

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